Financial Aid Checklist and resources

  1. Complete the “Preparing for Funding Google Survey”

  2. Create an FSA ID for yourself and your parent/guardian or Creating NYS Dream Application Account

  3. Have your parent/guardian apply for their FSA ID.

  4. Gather all 2019 parent/guardian tax information, including:

      • a. 2019 Federal tax return records

      • b. W-2s

      • c. Any other records of income in 2019 (W-4, 1099s, etc.)

      • d. Current balance of cash, savings, checking accounts

  5. Complete the 2021-2022 FAFSA Application OR the NYS Dream Application

  6. Complete TAP (should be done directly after FAFSA to make your life easier!)

  7. Access your Student Aid Report (SAR) and review your EFC

  8. Apply for private scholarships