Computer Graphics Technology

 The Computer Graphics Technology Program at Alfred E. Smith is our newest C.T.E Program. We introduce students to the principles of design as well as providing students who are interested in a graphic design career an opportunity to enhance their skills using programs like Adobe Creative Suite.

Our computer labs consist of both Apple and Windows-based desktops, a 3D Printer, Poster printers, and much more. Our students at every grade level participate in national competitions including Skills U.S.A.

*All of our C.T.E. Programs collaborate with our academic teaching professionals to ensure all students receive an integrated, cohesive learning experience that is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

** All students are required to maintain good academic standings to participate in  C.T.E. programs.

Design process from computer designing to production

Areas of Instruction

9th grade designing for communication course description

Elements of Art

Photoshop Fundamentals

Digital Drawing

Integrated Academic Subjects:
Global, History, Algebra, English

10th grade designing with photoshop course topics

Principles of Design

Advanced Photoshop Techniques

Color Theory

Integrated Academic Subjects:
Global History, Algebra, English
11th grade advanced placement studio art course topics

Photography Composition

A.P 2D Studio Art

Typography Design

Integrated Academic Subjects:
U.S. History, Algebra, English
12th grade designing for production course topics

Identity Design

Live Print Shop

Yearbook Design 

Integrated Academic Subjects:
U.S. History, Algebra, English

Bring your Design Jobs to us!

Need flyers or posters for an event? 

How about a custom logo for your business? 

Well, if you live in the NYC area, you’re in luck. Here at Smith's graphics live printshop,  

we can help you do everything from create business cards to custom shirts at a fraction of the cost using our state-of-the-art equipment. 

Services Include:

T-shirt and Apparal, Hats, Embroidery and stitching, Flyers, Banners, Posters, Business Cards,  Menus, Photography, Booklets, Postcards, Brochures, Digitizing, logo designs, invitations, calendars, newletters and more!

parsons scholars program logo

Parsons Pre-College Scholarship Program

The Parsons Scholars Program is a multi-year, need-based scholarship program for motivated New York City public school students interested in art and design study. Accepted students participate from 10th grade through 12th grade. The program offers multi-year scholarships to New York City public high school students.

    Parsons Scholars have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of studio subjects in the Pre-College Academy and Summer Intensive Studies programs, where they acquire skills and knowledge that will help them gain admission to and succeed in colleges of art and design. In addition to taking classes, students participate in workshops and field trips to gain exposure to art and design fields. Students earn college credit and a Pre-College Certificate from Parsons upon successful completion of the Parsons Scholars program.

Apply to Parsons Scholars Program Today!

pratt young scholars logo

Pratt Young Scholars is a need-based, three-year scholarship program providing instruction in art and design with college preparation to motivated high school students. Through innovative and challenging studio experiences in the Institute’s youth programs, this scholarship provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue advanced studies in art and design.

Scholars participate in three years of required studio classes and electives exposing students to higher educational opportunities and careers in the creative fields. This scholarship covers three years of studio instruction, all art materials for courses taken, Summer Scholars courses in July, a year-round college access program including SAT preparation, essay writing, and one-on-one guidance throughout the college application and financial aid process. Additional scholarships may be awarded for summer studio programs.


Students entering 10th grade in the 2024-2025 school year are eligible to apply if they:


Work-Based Learning Program

  "Training the Future of Graphic Design " 

Youth Apprenticeship

Students and employers agree on a long-term plan of accumulating 2000 hours of on the job training at a participating print shop or marketing firm.

 Cooperative Education

Students are released early from school to work part-time in a paid position of their related interest outside the school. Students must attend both academic and C.T.E. courses during the remainder of the day.


Short-term placement in an industry directly related to the student's program of study. 

Job Shadowing

Students "shadow" an employee at a workplace to learn about a particular occupation or industry. This assists students in refining their career objectives.