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Graphics Copy Center


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Email your copies to:

In order to provide efficient copy service to all staff member please follow the guidelines below.

Submitting Via Email
Files will be printed in the order that is received each day. 

  1. PAGE LIMIT: 2 SHEETS: Front and Back (Totaling 4 Pages)
  2. Quantity Limit: 150 Copies 
  3. FORMAT: PDF, Microsoft Word or JPG
  • Do not send your file as a shared file, or google doc file.
  • If you are using google docs, please download the file into a Microsoft Word document and attach it to the email.
4. When attaching your file: Make sure you include the following information within the email body

  • Teacher's Name
  • Department
  • How many pages
  • Quantity Needed
  • Single or Double Sided

Your pages should be numbered so there is no confusion. 

Turn Around Time: 24hrs school/business day

If you are missing the information needed, your file will not be printed. 

Copy Request that need to be Approved: 

  1. All requests for copies must be signed by Ms. Arroyo in room 121.  If Ms. Arroyo is unavailable please see Mr. Guzman or Mr. Schwartz.
  2. Please place copy requests in the box outside of room 121 and allow for one full business day (i.e. If you need copies for Monday morning you should make your request by Thursday afternoon).
  3. Units of textbooks and workbooks should not be copied.  Please see your assistant principal to request a textbook or workbook for student use.
  4. Copies of student sensitive materials such as examinations will be given directly to Ms. Arroyo and will be handled only by staff members.
  5. Copies will be delivered to teachers mailboxes.  Please do not go to the copy center looking for your copies.
  6.  Although we have not set limits on copies, we are encouraging teachers to limit the amount of copies.  Please feel free to discuss suitable alternatives to copies with Mr. Schwartz or your Assistant Principal