“When I was a student at Smith High School, many years ago, we had a lot of antiquated equipment. Today, our students have access to equipment that some dealerships and our industry partners do not have. The training our students receive at A. E. Smith C.T.E. High School will allow them to be on par with the industry and will help them transition easily from our school to college or the work place.” -
Rafael Guzman

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Ever need a hand with a car emergency? Well, if you live in the NYC area, you’re in luck. There are 498 pairs of hands that can help you do everything from wheel alignment to engine repair at a fraction of the cost using state-of-the-art equipment at Alfred E. Smith CTE High School’s brand new automotive learning center.

Services Include:
Remove replace or repair body sections including trim doors hoods seats panels and glass, Interior/Exterior Detailing, Rust Removal, Painting, Welding....and much more.

Partnership Opportunities
Interested in becoming a partner? Want to share your experience and resources with our students? Call to find out the benefits of becoming a Smith partner. 
Contact Rafael Guzman 
Assistant Principal C.T.E. 
at  (718) 993 - 5000

 Program Description
The collision program provides students with the technical training necessary to work on today's advanced automotive designs. Students can also express their creative and artistic abilities through vehicle customization.

A collision repair specialists primary job is to restore a vehicle to a safe pre-accident condition. This process involves everything from removing scratches to structural repair.

*All of our C.T.E. Programs collaborate with our academic teaching professionals to ensure all students receive an integrated, cohesive learning experience that is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

** All students are required to maintain good academic standings to participate in  C.T.E. programs.

 Areas of Instruction

9th Year

Introduction to the Automotive trade: 
Tools, Measurements, Hardware, Engine, Cooling Systems, Body Design & Construction, Tires & Rims.

10th Year

Steering and Suspension:
2 & 4 Wheel Drive Suspension, Front & Rear Wheel Drive Systems, Shock & Strut Service, 2 & 4 Wheel Alignment.
Auto Body Assembly:Remove replace or repair body sections including trim doors hoods seats panels and glass.
Introduction To Welding: 
Safety and Techniques
Component Repair and Preparation:
Interior/Exterior Detailing, Feather-edging, Masking.

11th Year

Sheet Metal Repair:
Dent repair, Rust Removal, MIG Welding, Sectioning and Patchwork.
Fabrications Refinishing:
Wet and Dry Sanding, Color Matching, Primers and Paints.

12th Year

Live Collision Repair service:
Students perform service jobs on customer vehicles such as Estimating, Frame Straightening, Painting, Customer Prep, and Glass Replacement.

 Work-Based Learning Programs

"Training the Technicians of Tomorrow"

Youth Apprenticeship
Students and employers agree on a long-term plan of accumulating 2000 hours of on the job training at a participating dealership.

Cooperative Education
Students are released early from school to work part-time in a paid position of their related interest outside the school. Students must attend both academic and C.T.E. courses during the remainder of the day.

Short-term placement in an industry directly related to the student's program of study. 

Job Shadowing
Students "shadow" an employee at a workplace to learn about a particular occupation or industry. This assists students in refining their career objectives. 

Alfred E. Smith CTE HS has been ranked #2 in the Nation by AYES for Automotive Internships, as students are constantly placed in local automotive internships, including: BMW of Manhattan, Mercedes of Manhattan, Riverdale Chrysler, and Lexus of Queens. AES graduates readily fill specialized positions upon graduating high school and instantly become contributing citizens of our communities.

 Student Internships 2016

        #        Grade   Location

      2          11      Pro Printing NY
      1          12      National Advertising 
      8          12      FDNY Fleet Services
      3          12      Chrysler Riverdale
      1          11       Lexus Manhattan
      1          11       Dept. of Transportation
      2          11       DCAS 
      8          11       NYPD
      2          10       GLB Towing
      2          11       La Sorsa Auto
      3          11       MTA